Covid-19 Update

As restrictions are lifted, we are going to continue to request that all customers and staff continue to wear masks as one of our employees is immunocompromised. We look forward to seeing you soon to help you with all of your diving and snorkeling needs.


Diver's Wearhouse can help you reach new goals in your scuba diving journey

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Gear Servicing

Let our fully trained service technicians ensure that your dive gear is ready to go

Gear Servicing

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Join Diver's Wearhouse as we travel to select locations for fantastic diving and relaxation

Come dive the best sites around the world

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Dive Charters

Divers Wearhouse has local diving options. Join us for our Wet Wednesday dives or one of our weekend charters

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Kayaks, SUPs and Docks

Diver's Wearhouse can get you outfitted with more than just dive and scuba gear. We can help you find the water-related gear for everyone

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