Based in Ottawa

Diver’s Wearhouse is a locally owned and operated scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports equipment company. Diver’s Wearhouse offers one of Canada’s largest selections of equipment and accessories, and is the largest and best of the Ottawa scuba diving stores. We are a full service center and provide everything you need from the moment you walk in, to the moment you walk out with your PADI Diving Certifications. We operate boats in Brockville which is on the St. Lawrence River (which features some of the best fresh water wreck diving in the world).

Diver’s Wearhouse provides the following:

  1. Scuba diving and snorkeling lessons.  We support local public pools by renting space as required for customized training times.  We also operate out of Brockville for the Open Water dives
  2. Scuba diving and snorkeling products. We stock a huge selection of brand name gear! Absolutely everything you need for your dives
  3. Certifications – Diver’s Wearhouse is authorized to award PADI and Diver’s Alert Network (DAN) Scuba Diving and Safety Certifications.
  4. Equipment repairs and servicing. We service and repair all makes and models of equipment
  5. Tank filling – We can fill tanks with air, Nitrox, Argon, Heliox and Trimix
  6. Charters – We offer charters out of the Brockville/Rockport/Kingston areas, and go abroad to exotic dive destinations each year

Diver’s Wearhouse can be found at 1883 Merivale Road in Ottawa, just south of Hunt Club. The telephone number is 613.723.3055

Lorie and Robin

Lorie and Robin own and operate Diver’s Wearhouse. Being avid divers, the logical next step was to open a dive shop. Lorie and Robin often accompany divers on the Brockville dives in addition to the excursions to exotic dive locations.  They can always be found at the store to answer customer questions. They felt a need to create a diving community and did that at Divers Wearhouse which is operated much like a close-knit group of friends.